About Us - Mindanao Butchers

About Us - Mindanao Butchers


Food is the absolute essence of life. Without it, human life will fail to exist. Since time immemorial, mankind survived on the barest necessities - food, shelter, and warmth. Being physically larger, males took the dominant charge as being hunters of the society. At the end of the day, he would return home and bring the latest catch to feed his family. Females adopted the role of a gatherer, bringing in nuts, berries, and grains to complement any meal their husband brings back. The hunter-gatherers had to effortlessly work together to make sure that everyone in the group was well fed.

Fast forward today, the way we perceive food now is very much different from the earliest of ancestors. It was much more meaningful back then as it was a means of life or death. The tedious process of hunting for meat and gathering berries has been lessened or eliminated. Well, not entirely. The actions alone have been reduced to going on a trip to the local market or scanning through a food/delivery app for T-Bone Steak or burrata cheese. It has brought great convenience for many, especially during these times.


But to be honest, we are a restless generation. We are a bunch that merely cannot settle with good or mediocre sitting right in front of us. No matter where we go, we are always on the hunt for the very best. That includes our food! For some of us, food ignites the deepest wells of our souls. We must travel the world, far and wide, to experience what each preserved culture has to offer us. It is a luxury accessed by a few who travel to see beautiful places let alone eat and drink at the most visited restaurants around the globe.

Imagine yourself at dinner being served a prime porterhouse steak at Keens Steakhouse, one of the finest steakhouses in New York City, or enjoying a plate of steak fries and a bottle of Bordeaux wine for lunch at Bistrot Paul Bert in Paris. These delightful memories will ingrain themselves to our hippocampus to last a lifetime. Accompanied with short stories, some of these valuable experiences are the ones that we want to bring back. We want to reciprocate that very same exquisite experience with our loved ones.


How any meal is crafted will define the outcome. That is why we, the curators at Mindanao Butchers & Company, value quality when it comes to selecting the finest products. Even if it means we have to do the traveling ourselves to source the products you desire. We do not accept anything except perfection. In addition to what we do, we blend art, knowledge, and discipline to bring forth exceptional results. You will know it when preparing the next full meal, complemented with premium meats, delectable cheeses, and your favorite red wine. The precise moment that perfectly cooked wagyu boneless ribeye touches your lips, you’ll know.

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